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Founded To Help You Optimise

How Do We Help You Optimise Performance? That's The Question We Asked To Create Finetune

eCommerce Consultancy Partnership

We started Finetune in 2019, working with e-commerce businesses on their sites and strategies. Based on our experience, early 2022, we decided to strip down our services and focus on helping eCommerce businesses collect and understand their data so they could make better business decisions.

What We Decided

We simplified our offering based on the common blind spots we saw again and again with businesses we worked with. We recognise senior ecommerce marketing, optimisation and development experience combined with objectivity and pragmatism are a useful service - especially as ecommerce growth is increasingly both vertical and horizontal and relationships come and go.

We partner with Founders and Directors  to help them set up and analyse e-commerce business data. They can independently plot and monitor a simplified, tracked path to hitting revenue targets and business objectives. 

We don’t provide marketing or development services, you manage that side. What we do offer, is core, data centric support services to help business and brand owners keep their eye on the ball.

Identifying user friction on mobile devices for a skincare brand, led to a 32% increase in conversion rates.

Identify areas for improvement and measure results

Angela Patton

Founder & Head of Strategy

Stephen Sheppard

Founder & Head of Analytics

GA & GA4 Data Collection Audits - One Off Fee

We make sure your data collection is set up properly and housed correctly within your GA and GA4 environment. If your data is flawed your business decisions will be too.

Insights & Actions - One Off Fee

We confirm your business goals and missing information you want to uncover. We identify any potential data gaps, bring all your data sources together for analysis. We then mine it to get you the information you need and uncover any other useful information which could help inform tactics and strategy.

Custom Data Dashboards - Monthly Rental

We build custom dashboards for your business which contain the core metrics you and your team need to monitor business performance. 

Done correctly, dashboards can help you:
- Forecast Results
- Pinpoint areas that need change
- Make informed decisions, quickly
- Keep freelancers, agencies and teams accountable
- Better understand what's actually moving the needle
- Identify areas that need attention
- Help improve company performance

Customer Journey Optimisation

This service takes 3 months and involves us confirming your business objectives and performance. We then provide detailed recommendations for your site and marketing that can be made without running tests. We present wider recommendations to improve performance proven with data.

A Few Benefits of Working With Finetune

Trustworthy Data
Performance Visibility
Inform Decisions With Data
Know Where To Invest
Keep Teams Accountable
Forecast Results

Let Us Help You Measure and Optimise With Ease.

Google Analytics Audit & GA4 Migration

Insights and Actions

Custom Data Studio Dashboards

Book A Free 30min Strategy Session

In this free session, chat with our head of strategy about some of your challenges. We'll then have a look through your data and provide you with a list of recommendations and next steps. No sales pitch.
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