Your Outsourced Analytics Partners

We help you organise and interpret your data so you can confidently make decisions, forecast revenue and optimise results, just like the big boys - just like the big boys.

We Help You Answer The Questions That Are Blocking Your Growth

We're here to help you plan and prioritise actions based on your data, so you can confidently grow the bottom line, at speed. Even if you never look at your analytics!

GA3 and GA4 Healthcheck

We'll make sure ensure GA4, GA3 and Tag Manager are set up correctly and capturing the right metrics for analysis and reporting.

Priortise and Monitor Actions

Based on your goals, get regular prioritised actions based on the results and a custom dashboard so you (and we) can measure your KPI's. We'll even help you plan your KPI's too.

Continuous Review

As your data experts, we're on hand to help answer immediate questions and we meet at least every 3 months for a deep dive of results. Benchmark, prioritise and advise, to keep results on target.

Independant, Transparent and Impartial.

We don't do anything but help you understand what the data is saying. There's no hidden agenda. Our goal is to help you use data within your company to grow. We manage data, reporting and regularly meet with you to help you understand what the data is saying and prioritise areas for improvement.

How We Work With Clients

1. Benchmark

We ensure data accuracy and benchmark where you are in relation to your goals.

2. Prioritise

With KPI's agreed, we help you prioritise where to focus and why, in order to start moving you towards your goals.

3. Monitor

Avoid siloed reports with a live dashboard providing a single source of truth so you always know the right action to take.

Simple, Affordable And Insightful.

We created Finetune with the small business in mind. We're all too aware that things change. Websites change, new campaigns are created, new channels are introduced, new freelancers are hired. Your data is ever changing and so are your results.

That's why we offer subscription to suit your needs. Subscriptions include; initial set up and data accuracy, KPI planning, frameworks (to help you establish processes as you grow), dashboards to monitor results and ongoing consultancy to help you prioritise areas for improvement. You can buy advanced support options as you need them

Less guesswork, more decisive action. It's simple, affordable and invaluable.

Plans From £600 / Month
Ensure Data Accuracy And KPI Planning
Quickly Prioritise Areas For Improvement And For Investment
Monitor KPI's, Inform Decisions And Keep Freelancers And Teams Aligned
Ongoing Consultancy And Regular Access Via Slack

Let Us Show You How We Can Help You Grow.

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Free 30min Consultation

In this free session, we can help you start to identify the areas where you can unlock new revenue based on your data.

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