Why Analytics Are The Key To Your Growth

If you're not measuring it you can't improve it. Our goal is simple, provide access to expert analysis so you can grow with the right decisions.
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Can You Help Me 10X My Business?

If you know where you are, and what your goals are then we can breakdown every single step in your customer journey into 20 or 30 tiny levers. Minute 1% - 3% improvements to each of lever will have a drastic impact on your revenue goal.

Manageable, Tangible, Measurable

We breakdown the steps to reach your goal into small manageable steps. These are then prioritised by potential impact on goal and measured.

We help you to not only identify the levers, prioritise them and measure results, we're also on hand to benchmark progress, forecast and consult to help you reach your goals within your timeframes.

How We Help You Use Your Data Effectively

Your Outsourced Data Experts

1. Benchmark

- Situational Awareness
- Analytics Health Check
- Tag Manager Health Check
- Goal Planning
- KPI Planning

2. Prioritise

- Customer Journey Map
- Identify All Levers
- Results Mapping
- Prioritised Areas For Attention

3. Monitor

- Design Dashboard
- Build Dashboard
- Frameworks and Training

4. Consult

- Deep Dive On Results Every 3 Months
- Inform strategy
- Inform Tactics
- Access To Slack Channel
- Adhoc guidance and help available

Common Questions.

How Long Do You Work With A Client?

Usually, clients partner with us for a 12 month period. Once data collection is set up and actions are prioritised. We meet 4 times a year for in depth analysis to help reach the 12 month goal.

Can You Recommend Freelancers or Agencies To Do Bits Of The Marketing Activity?

We have worked with multiple freelancers and agencies and we can make recommendations, if needed.

How Much Does This Cost?

We want this to be as accessible to small businesses who realise data is the key to growth. So we have a simple retainer starting from £500 a month. 90% of clients this is all that's needed but should you need further analytics help - for example a change site of platforms, then we can estimate hours to cover extra time.

How Quickly Can You Prioritise Actions?

Usually, within a few weeks. It's slightly dependant on your data, set up and any complications but we really want to get you moving towards your goal as quickly as possible.

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