Insights and Actions.

Dependable business success is about acting strategically and moving quickly. Our Insights and Actions is all about turning your data into answers for your most pressing business questions. Allowing you to take the right course of action for your business.
Fix Hidden Problems
Answers To Key
Business Questions
Increase Revenue
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What Are Insights and Actions?

Unless you're mining your data regularly for insights, recommendations will remain hidden in your data. We interrogate your data to answer the business questions that will inform strategy, tactics and actions to allow you to reliably move in the right direction. It all starts with your business questions.

What sort of questions should I ask?

Questions are dependant on your goals, your customers and activity to date. Generally they are questions, that if you had answers to, will allow you to take strategic action. For example,
- What channel is under performing?
- How does my free sampling strategy impact customer retention?
- How am I performing against the competition?
- Which channels and products lead to the highest lifetime value?
- What are the long term purchasing habits of different customer segments?

If you're not sure what questions to ask we can help shape your questions based on our own experience.

The Insights and Actions Process - How Do We Answer Your Questions?

Common Questions.

Do we need to do an Analytics Audit before Insights and Actions?

Bad data equals bad decisions. If your questions require or can use data from Google Analytics, then we do recommend undertaking an analytics audit first. Simply put, it's not worth risking poor decision making, leading to ill informed actions, leading to bad results.

How long can it take to get answer to my questions?

This really depends on what questions are being asked, the state and volume of the data and whether you want us on hand to answer questions, or whether you need us now and again.

Usually, clients will want Insights and Actions for a 3 month period. This allows us to collect any missing data, process, analyse and report back.

How much does this cost?

This is slightly dependant on data quality, questions you need answered and expected timeframes involved. However, usually you could expect anywhere from £500 - £1500 / month for a 3 month period. This does exclude however any potential data costs and processing. After an initial conversation, we'll know roughly where the data is and whether there are any additional costs you should consider before we proceed.

Can you give me an example of how you might tackle a problem

Let's imagine your goal is to improve repeat purchase rate. You've been providing free samples to customers who purchase over £50 in the hope they come back and re-purchase. However, you don't know if those who have received free samples have re-purchased again, how active they are or if they have a higher LTV compared to others. You also don't know the impact on existing and first time buyers. In this instance, we'd segment customer types, conduct a cohort analysis, analyse product data, email data, and conduct customer and visitor research to assess the impact of free sampling across the business.

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