Google Analytics Audit.

Trust your data. We'll audit your analytics set up to ensure everything is being tracked correctly. Trusting your data is the first step towards making better informed decisions.
Accurate and
Trustworthy Data
Gain New Insights
To Inform Strategy
Take Informed Actions
Based On Data

What Happens If My Google Analytics Isn't Accurate?

The problem with inaccurate data is you can't make informed decisions. Bad data means bad decisions, that can quickly become costly. You're likely to have a basic set up already but you're probably not tracking all that you should, to allow for a greater understanding of the customer and their journey.

What is a Google Analytics Audit Exactly?

An analytics audit interrogates your data collection set up. We want to make sure the data you are collecting is not just accurate but you're collecting the right information to inform actions and strategy, that will move the needle.

The Google Analytics Audit Process - How Do We Ensure Accuracy

Common Questions.

What Is A Measurement Plan?

If you know where you are and you know where you're going you can easily plan a route to get there. A Measurement Plan ensures you are capturing all the right information needed in order to quickly and easily make the right decisions along your journey, while avoiding the usual mistakes in measurement.

The objective of this stage is to agree what Key Performance Indicators we will measure that will help you to reach your goal. We work with you to identify priorities, craft KPIs and confirm the key business questions, whose answers will inform your strategy, tactics and actions.

Will You Set Up Google Analytics 4 And/Or Audit GA4 As Well?

Yes. Google Analytics 4 has a different tracking code and a different template tag in GTM. You can't simply “upgrade” a property from Universal Analytics to GA4. We need to create a separate property altogether and then recreate audiences.

We do not recommend removing Universal Analytics from your page source or tag management system. Instead,  we'll follow the best practice of dual-tagging all pages of your website with both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

Usually from measurement planning through to complete data can take a few weeks, depending on what needs to be tracked and the state of the current analytics and tag manager.

We have seen complicated projects with multiple domains with numerous parties involved in data collection and processing, that can take longer than 2 weeks. We always try and estimate the time it will take to complete, after an initial chat and look at your analytics.

How Much Does It Cost?

A simple process usually costs somewhere between £500 - £1000. However, we can estimate a cost once we understand your goals and the current state of your analytics.

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Google Analytics Audit & GA4 Migration

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