Your Custom Data Studio Dashboards.

Get The Visibility You Need To Make The Right Decision Quickly.  

Imagine A Dashboard That Gives You Answers.

We Create Engaging, Easy To Understand Dashboards That Inform Your Decisions

Monitor Performance At A Glance

Easily monitor performance. Identify in realtime any issues and keep teams accountable

Quickly See Answers To Your Questions

Custom design and build, crafted around your goals to provide the answers you need to act quickly

Share With Stakeholders And Users

Provide unique dashboards for key stakeholders or internal teams to provide visibility

Why Do I Need A Dashboard?

Turning static metrics into visual dashboards help our brains better understand trends, see issues and better interpret the data to make better decisions, quickly.

Done correctly, dashboards can help you:
- Forecast Results
- Pinpoint areas that need change
- Make informed decisions, quickly
- Keep freelancers, agencies and teams accountable
- Better understand what's actually moving the needle
- Identify areas that need attention
- Help improve company performance
Dashboards That Inform Action

How Do We Create Your Dashboard?

Common Questions.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Dashboard?

The length of time it takes to launch your dashboard really depends on your goals, KPIs and data quality. It will obviously take more time should we need to set up capture specific data on your site for example.

As a rough guide, from KPI planning, data review/capture to design and finally build, we'd allow 4 weeks.

Can I Just Use A Data Studio Template?

Templates are great at summerising basic metrics. They tend to provide stats from your marketing channel/s and or website. They can be a great starting point for visualising stats. However, what they don't do is provide are actionable insights tailored to your business needs.

Templates certainly won't help with profitability reports, forecasting or spotting issues that need attention, and they certainly won't answer specific questions you might have regarding retention for example.

Do You Only Use Data Studio or Can You Use Other BI Platforms?

Data Studio is an incredible tool for displaying data and will likely be more than efficient for the vast majority.

However, should you have specific needs or use cases, then we can use an alternative platforms depending on requirements. If you'd like to discuss your needs, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

How Much Does It Cost?

A standard dashboard starts from £500. There maybe additional costs, should specific data need to be captured that's currently missing.

We can however provide a more accurate estimate after an initial chat to discuss your goals and current challenges.

Book A Free 30min Strategy Session

In this free session, chat with our head of strategy about some of your challenges. We'll then have a look through your data and provide you with a list of recommendations and next steps. No sales pitch.

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