Increase Revenue With Customer Journey Optimisation.

Make improvements across customer touchpoints to deliver the best possible experience to improve conversions and increase loyalty.
Understand Customer Needs
Based on Data
Actionable Steps To
Improve Experience
Increase Your Revenue
and Profit

What is Customer Journey Optimisation?

Customer Journey Optimisation is the process of improving user interactions across multiple touchpoints to ensure the best possible experience for both existing and potential customers.

Why Should I Care?

By improving the customer journey, you can reduce user frustration, improve user satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. As a result, you'll see increased conversions, customer retention and greater revenue. This allows you to reinvest more into your marketing channels, continuously increasing conversions, retention and revenue.

How We Optimise The Customer Journey

Understanding The Customer Is Key To Optimising Experiences

1. Define & Discover

Understand your goals, where you are, data gaps, marketing activity, and customer types/segmentation.

2. Analytics & Data Review

Analyse current site and marketing performance, fill data gaps and begin to better understand the customer types to review/evolve future segmentation.

3. Understanding Customers

Identify primary drivers across customer segments. Map your business goals against each customer segment.

4. Conversion Flow Analysis

Map and visualise your existing conversion flows, breaking flows into silos from channels and across devices and identify friction.

5. Conversion Narrative Analysis

Map your conversion narrative, from channel through to each page to further identify friction.

6. Recommendations & Implementation

Provide detailed recommendations to your site and marketing that can be made without running tests. Secondly, present wider recommendations that should be proven with data.

Common Questions.

How Long Does The Process Take?

This is an in depth process, that can take up to several months to complete. On average we can deliver our recommendations within 4 - 6 weeks. However, it can take longer depending on the size of your site, data collection and current segmentation.

Can You Implement The Recommendations?

Yes. We can implement recommendations, both on site and within your marketing however, often it is best to use your own team (if you have an internal team) or your agency. They will probably have a stronger grasp of the inner workings of your site for example.

If you do want us to implement the recommendations, then we'd also insist that everything is measured to prove the overall business impact of our work.

How Much Does This Cost?

Pricing is on a client by client basis. It starts from £5,000 and goes up from there. Pricing is dependant on the volume of data we need to assess, the number of channels, the quality of your data as well as your own business goals.

What Kind Of Recommendations Can We Expect?

This really depends on your own business goals. However, you can expect recommendations broken down into technical (further by device type), on site narrative, channel improvements, segmentation and measurement. These recommendations are not designed to focus on small areas of improvement but a hollistic improvement in your customer journey.

Book A Free 30min Strategy Session

In this free session, chat with our head of strategy about some of your challenges. We'll then have a look through your data and provide you with a list of recommendations and next steps. No sales pitch.

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